Saturday, 31 December 2011

'My Self"

I don't know what i'm going to write here, and i hope my lecturers are not bored to read my essay..

My name is Farah hani binti Misri. I'm taking Diploma of Marketing at Polytechnic Tuanku Sultanah Bahiyah. I'm from Selangor, and currently 20 years old. I have got 7 siblings and i'm the third. I want to become Marketing Researcher, i like doing research. Ohh, i love eating, but my body seems like doesn't effect at all.

The sweetest memory is my first ride a motocycle. I am lit bit scare to ride it on my first time. I still remember first time i ride it on my first day of practical. It was really awkward and scary but i tried all my hard and best to face my bear. And now i'm success, yeayy !

I may not a perfect person, may not have a brilliant brain, may not the prettiest girl, but i am a person who never stop learning and learning until i successful, that me ;) tq..

*Tqvm to DILLA ZAMRI, ini semua rekaan dia semata-mata, hehe :)

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